Competition Win!

03rd February 2010
I have recently won a competition held by Digitalab, a top North-East photographic laboratory. The competition was entitled ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ and was judged by top photographer Joe Cornish.

My winning entry is called 'Steetley'

His comment on my winning entry was:

“Chris Webb's panoramic photograph of a bleak industrial landscape is a brilliant enigma. These ruined industrial installations should ordinarily repel us with their desolation and signals of failure, unemployment and environmental degradation. Yet here we are compelled to look, and to look again; and I even find myself wanting to witness this place myself! So how's it done? A calm pearlescent light, tuned by the unifying effect of monochrome photography draws us in. A cool, precise, 'architectonic' composition engages us, countering the random details and decay. And the hint of a neo-classical arcade in the distance, below the soaring column of a chimney, hints at a connection with monumental architecture from the age of Greek mythology. The subject matter should by any normal account be 'bad' and 'ugly', yet this picture is so 'good' that our expectations are confounded. It perfectly fulfils the challenge set by the competition, 'The Good, Bad and the Ugly'.”

The prize I won was an exhibition in ‘fstop’ gallery, Digital lab’s in-house gallery space and £1200 worth of printing and framing for the exhibition. The exhibition starts 4th February and runs to the 28th February so if you are free and are in the Newcastle area, please feel free to pop in. The opening times are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Digitalab is just up from ‘The Cluny’ and the address is:


TEL : 0191 2323558

Check out for more info.